Swimming With Whale Sharks and Island-Hopping to Sumilon Island

Unravel the mysteries of the deep as you glide through the crystal-clear waters, encountering gentle giants beneath the surface. The allure of swimming with whale sharks beckons, accompanied by the promise of exploring the hidden gems of Sumilon Island.

How does one prepare for such an extraordinary adventure, and what secrets does this marine paradise hold? The journey to this aquatic wonderland offers a blend of excitement and tranquility, leaving visitors with a yearning for more as they anticipate the wonders that lie ahead.

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Good To Know

Swimming With Whale Sharks and Island-Hopping to Sumilon Island - Good To Know

  • Enjoy a comprehensive tour with pick-up, experienced guides, and marine life encounters.
  • Ensure physical fitness and health considerations before booking for a safe and memorable experience.
  • Flexible cancellation policy allows for full refund 24 hours in advance, weather-dependent experience.
  • Affordable pricing starting from $106.00 caters to solo travelers and groups for an immersive adventure.

Tour Details

Swimming With Whale Sharks and Island-Hopping to Sumilon Island - Tour Details

When embarking on the tour to swim with whale sharks and island-hop to Sumilon Island, participants can expect a comprehensive itinerary that includes pick-up from hotels in Cebu City and Mactan island, starting at 3:00 AM.

Throughout the excursion, experienced guides will provide snorkeling guidelines and enforce safety precautions to ensure a smooth and secure marine life encounter.

Tourists will have the opportunity to witness breathtaking marine life encounters while exploring the stunning tourist attractions of Oslob and Sumilon Island.

With a focus on ensuring both enjoyment and safety, the tour is designed to offer a memorable experience that showcases the beauty of the underwater world while adhering to necessary guidelines and precautions.

Tour Requirements

Participants must confirm their booking and meet certain physical fitness requirements before embarking on the tour to swim with whale sharks and island-hop to Sumilon Island. The tour isn’t wheelchair accessible and isn’t recommended for individuals with specific health conditions.

A moderate level of physical fitness is required, and there are age restrictions and snorkeling recommendations in place. It’s essential for participants to consider these health restrictions and snorkeling guidelines before booking the tour.

Cancellation Policy

Swimming With Whale Sharks and Island-Hopping to Sumilon Island - Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy for the tour requires participants to request a refund 24 hours in advance for a full reimbursement. To facilitate understanding, a table has been provided below:

Cancellation Policy Refund
24 hours in advance Full
Less than 24 hours None
Changes Not accepted less than 24 hours before
Weather Dependency Good weather required for the experience

This policy ensures that participants have the flexibility to adjust their plans accordingly, allowing for a full refund if necessary. As the tour involves a once-in-a-lifetime whale shark encounter and island exploration, it’s essential to plan ahead to make the most of this unique experience.


Upon exploring the reviews for the tour, visitors consistently praise the unforgettable experience of swimming with whale sharks and island-hopping to Sumilon Island. Customer feedback highlights the thrill of encountering these gentle giants up close and the beauty of Sumilon Island’s pristine beaches.

Many reviewers express satisfaction with the tour guides’ knowledge of the local attractions, enhancing their overall experience. The opportunity to snorkel in the crystal-clear waters around Sumilon Island is a standout feature for most visitors, with many mentioning the vibrant marine life they encountered.

Pricing Information

For an immersive experience that won’t break the bank, the tour offers a starting price from $106.00, with variations based on group size. When comparing prices with other tour operators, this package stands out for its affordability. Below is a table showcasing the tour package options based on the number of participants:

Group Size Price per Person
1 person $150.00
2 persons $130.00
3 persons $120.00
4+ persons $106.00

These competitive prices make it an attractive choice for solo travelers or groups. The tour package options cater to different group sizes, ensuring a cost-effective and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Additional Information

Moving beyond pricing details, travelers can benefit from essential additional information for a seamless and enjoyable experience on the tour.

When it comes to snorkeling tips, visitors should remember to apply sunscreen generously, wear a rash guard for sun protection, and use defogging solution on their masks to prevent fogging. Plus, it’s advisable to bring along a waterproof camera to capture the incredible marine life.

Embracing the local cuisine is a must-do while on this adventure. Travelers should indulge in fresh seafood dishes, tropical fruits, and traditional Filipino delicacies to savor the flavors of the region.

Meeting Point Selection

Swimming With Whale Sharks and Island-Hopping to Sumilon Island - Meeting Point Selection

The tour company offers the convenience of selecting your meeting point for the excursion to swim with whale sharks and explore Sumilon Island. Transportation options include pick-up from hotels in Cebu City and Mactan island, with the exact pick-up time notified the day before the tour. It’s essential to provide your hotel name at booking or at least 3 days before the tour.

When meeting, remember to adhere to snorkeling guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Moderate physical fitness is required, and there are age restrictions and recommendations for snorkeling.


Navigating to the meeting point for the whale shark swimming excursion and Sumilon Island visit is straightforward with the provided transportation options from hotels in Cebu City and Mactan island. To make your journey smooth, keep these travel tips in mind:

  • Look for the tour operator’s designated pick-up spot at your hotel lobby.
  • Confirm the exact pick-up time the day before your adventure.
  • Pack essentials like sunscreen, a hat, and a reusable water bottle.
  • Have your camera ready to capture the stunning marine life encounters.
  • Follow the guide’s instructions for a safe and enjoyable experience exploring the underwater world.

With these directions and tips in mind, you’re all set for an unforgettable day swimming with whale sharks and island-hopping to Sumilon Island.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Time of Year to Swim With Whale Sharks and Visit Sumilon Island?

The best time to swim with whale sharks and visit Sumilon Island is during the dry season for ideal conditions. Optimal months typically range from November to May, ensuring clearer waters and increased chances of encountering these majestic creatures.

Are There Any Restrictions on the Use of Cameras or Gopros During the Experience?

Camera policies and GoPro regulations are in place for the experience. Visitors are allowed to use cameras and GoPros during the tour. It’s recommended to check with the tour operator for specific guidelines on capturing memorable moments.

Is There a Restroom Available on the Boat During the Tour?

Restroom facilities are available on the boat during the tour to ensure your’ comfort and convenience. Safety regulations prioritize the well-being of participants, making sure essential amenities are accessible throughout the experience.

Are There Any Opportunities to Interact With Local Marine Life During the Snorkeling Portion of the Tour?

During the snorkeling experience, participants can enjoy interactions with local marine life, creating unforgettable underwater encounters. This wildlife encounter offers a unique opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants up close.

Can Participants Bring Their Own Snorkeling Gear, or Is It Provided by the Tour Company?

Participants can bring their own snorkeling equipment if they prefer. The tour company also provides snorkeling gear. The choice is based on personal preference, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the underwater experience comfortably and safely.

The Sum Up

To sum it up, swimming with whale sharks and island-hopping to Sumilon Island offers a thrilling adventure for nature enthusiasts.

With detailed tour information, requirements, and a reliable cancellation policy, participants can expect a smooth and enjoyable experience.

The high ratings and authentic reviews attest to the value and excitement this tour brings.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable opportunity to explore the beauty of the ocean and Sumilon Island.